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Zuanella's July Round Up

July saw a warm welcome returning to clubs and festivals across the country, here's a selection of tunes your sure to hear being blasted across dance floors and fields this summer.

V.A. - Ciao Italia. Generazioni Underground [Rebirth Records]

A collection of spectacular rare re-releases from the gone but not forgotten era of early 90's Piano, Italo and Balearic House, with added Jersey, Tribal and Chuggy House thrown in for good measure is celebrated in this remarkable package, that dons a cheeky homage to the Italia '90 mascot on the front cover. There are a treasure trove of tracks on this incredible album from Optik, MBG, Keytronics, The Montego Bay Experience, Don Carlos and my personal favourite Fabrice's magnificent 4a.m mix of 'Aural's – Desire'.

Sherelle – 160 DOWN THE A406 [BOCAT]

The stunning debut EP from the Radio 1 residency DJ features a selection of whimsical and emotive ravey bangers with a trippy element, leaving us with a pleasant mixture. This is the kind of club music we've been craving to lose ourselves to for the past 17 months, we look forward to hearing more releases from the connoisseur in the not too distant the future.

V.A. - Peach Pals, Vol. 2 [Peach Discs]

Edition no.2 of the yearly compilation albums from Shanti Celeste and Gramrcy's colourful imprint serves us a hefty variety of sweeping Techno, Wonky Electro and punchy House flavours courtesy of majestic, up and coming producers Airbnd, Tondiue, ISAbella as well as many others along with established names like Peach and Gramrcy himself.

Lindstrom – Blinded By The LEDs (Massey reworks) [Sprechen]

With the edits developed out of an encounter playing alongside the Norwegian stalwart at a Sticky Heat party last year and just a couple weeks before clubs shut there doors for the next 17 months, the label head of the exciting Mancunian based Sprechen Chris Massey kindly asked for the stems of his cosmic Disco bop 'Blinded By The LEDs', to which he agreed to send him. The Balearic Trance rework is a deep, sci-fi sounding glitchy cut and the Club Mix a more vigorous and euphoric trip.

V.A. - Permanent Vacation 7 [Permanent Vacation]

The 7th instalment in the series from the much sought after Munich label, run by producer Tom Bioly and DJ and producer Benjamin Frohlich sees a plethora of Chuggy goodness, synth laden beats, glitchy drum patterns, lush piano vibes and squelchy Acid from the likes of DMX Krew, Sarah Wild, Sara Miller and Matisa to name a few. Stand out tracks include REES's pulsating epic 'Digital Joy', Joyce Muniz & Alinka's intoxicating 'Little Friends' and DJ City's rapturous 'Money Money'.

V.A. - Make Italo Disco Great Again Vol.1 [Fauve Records]

Fauve Records head honcho Romain FX aims to stay true to his word on this blinding EP and delivers exactly what he's set out to accomplish. Made in preparation for the reopening of venues after a long and lengthy year and a half of darkness, this divine assortment of exquisite numbers are sure to make any crowd lose themselves to the futuristic sounds. A selection of masterfully put together intergalactic hits include the label bosses upbeat 'Feng Mao', Alberto Melloni's thrilling 'Utopian Love' and 'Doctr's raw and throbbing beat 'Diamonds'.

Lauer – Wranglers / Idioma

Whilst conducting an online lecture on production for the IO Music Academy a few months ago, two glorious tracks were created out of the session and have luckily been bestowed upon us. Both gems highlight the mavericks signature sounds of atmospheric, energetic and intelligent House music, as heard on opener 'Wranglers' and a love of 80's influenced, playful Italo rhythms on 'Idioma'.

Sedef Adasi – Fantasy Zone [Public Possession]

Founder of HAMAM Nights and resident of BLITZ Music Club, Sedaf Adasi treats us with her 1st EP from the Munich based label and beloved record store Public Possession. The tantalising combination of looping space age bleeps interwoven with forward thinking, sultry Electro and stimulating Italo beats make for an exhilarating and satisfying listening on this impressive offering.

OK Pal! - She Is The Guardian Of My Nights [Love Attack Records]

The 5th outing on Alan Dixon's amazing Love Attack Records sees a debut by the French producer/DJ and doesn’t disappoint. Filled to the brim with dance floor heavy pleasures, the title track is loaded with synthesized sounds before launching into a joyful piano House jam that complements the fierce beats. A remix is provided by mysterious melody maker Vyvyan and leaves a dark and warped take on the original, with closer 'High Rise' being a bleepy Electro masterpiece.

Jabberwocky – Inner Space [Future Disco]

Switching up their usual style of chilled and blissful dance beats to a more club friendly, Italo inspired affair, the trio hailing from France have scored a summer belter with this EP on the much loved London label. Both tracks are delectable and weighty, with the wonderful synth fuelled 'Inner Space' and 'Apollo Club' sounding like intense, peak time Electro business.


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