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Video Premiere: Alt.Aire - Origin [Yellow Island Records]

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Our next video premiere comes from Yellow Island Records on their Astral Therapy series, a label which has been home to music from the likes of DJ Life, DJ WHIPR and Nørus. 'A Family Affair' sees family members teaming up to make music from both Alt.Aire and MSM. Today, we are excited to bring you an insight into how the A1 side was created, which comes from the pairing Alt.Aire - made up of brothers Fin Woolfson and Daniel Woolfson. 'Origin' is dreamy electronica at it's finest, with euphoric synths and sparkly, clashing keys to curate a track reminiscent of the early sounds of Bobonobo and Submotion Orchestra.

We also had a chat with Dan from Alt.Aire about the project and their future plans. Check it out below.

1. Hey Daniel, hope you are well! Can you firstly tell us a bit about your project and how it came about? Are you involved in the music industry on an individual basis as well?

Hi Rachael, nice to meet you. First of all, thank you for the support! ALT.AIRE formed around a year ago and is a collaboration with my brother, Fin. The idea behind the project was to use live looping in an electronic setting meshing the DJ and live performance worlds together. We are both musicians, Fin a drummer and myself a piano player. Jamming together was a staple growing up but we were always limited to what the two of us could play at any one time. When we discovered live looping’s potential, we were given the creative freedom to form our sound and ALT.AIRE was born. I’ve dabbled in film scoring for the last couple of years and I think you can hear quite a bit of that influence in ALT.AIRE’s sound.

2. Let's talk a bit about your 'Family Affair EP'. What inspired you to have a split EP with MSM?

We actually stumbled upon the idea thanks to Filippo (one half of MSM) when we asked our dad (the other half of MSM) to remix Origin. The remix was intended to be part of an independent release for Origin but after working on the mix, Filippo had the idea of bringing an MSM original - also remixed by us - to finish off a family orientated EP. We thought the EP had nice sentimental value for it being our first release alongside our Dad who was a big inspiration in our musical pursuit.

3. What was the inspiration behind creating the tracks and having the video to go along with it?

Origin is one of our first creations under ALT.AIRE. It’s quite eclectic genre-wise as we were still developing our sound. The inspiration behind this track was an old, out of tune Kalimba that Fin started playing. We looped this in and jammed with some ideas before taking it into logic to produce the final track. The video was created in lockdown and offers an insight into our process and how we hope to perform when the live scene finally returns!

4. As soon as it's a 'Family Affair', what's it like working alongside your brother? What is your workflow like?

It’s great to work with your family! There is a deeper connection when you’ve grown up with someone in such a close environment, it definitely translates musically. We do have different tastes though which I think is a healthy way to keep us both in check and give us a unique joint sound.

5. How has 2020 affected your outlook on life? What will you be bringing forward into 2021 and what will you be ditching?

It’s been a crazy year for everyone but I feel we’ve all learnt a lot about ourselves which is a huge positive to come out of this situation. We never know what is around the corner so it’s important to keep doing things you love, whatever they may be. Music is such a key part of everyday life but yet, it’s been allowed to crumble under the pressure of the pandemic. I just hope artists can afford to continue creating and spreading positive energy in a time it’s so necessary to do so.

5. Finally, what can we expect from you in the future?

More music, more releases, more live videos! We just want to continue creating and getting as much material out as we can. We are sitting on a lot of tracks that are ready for release so hopefully they will be out soon!


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