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Video Premiere: ODJ Pirkka - What's in this joint? [EABE]

Today we bring to your our first ever video premiere on Halcyon Wax, from Helsinki based producer ODJ Pirkka. 'What's in this joint?' dropped today via EABE records with Echocentric Records label head Timo DeepRhythms, American produer IIana Bryne and Finland's Sleezy offering their takes on the original.

The video is an ode to those endearingly sleazy after parties, that can form the best part of a night. From the start it has a delightful quirky edge, mimicking those post-covid times of the anticipation of getting ready to head out to a party, with blurred and blacked out elements which compliment the floaty and trippy synth lines of the track, slightly tinged with an acid edge. As organ like chords are layered on top, the party reaches full swing and pans to the party goers, getting their groove on.

Chatting to ODJ Pirkka, he told me how the video was created:

"The video was conceptualized, scripted and shot in a single day by the highly talented Jesus & Moon Productions team consisting of Sini Jussila & Thelma Saikkonen. All the people and props appearing in the video were gathered during the day and the footage was shot during the evening and night, except for the morning shoot that had to be delayed by a few days because the night club shoot just turned into a party. To maintain the atmosphere, me and the director got crunk the next week too before shooting the last bits with just the two of us on the set. The hazy & unhinged morning scene that ends the video is a prime example of both method acting and method directing."

Check it out here via EABE's youtube channel:


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