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Top Releases of May 2020

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

John. - Grey Days

'Grey Days' ironically, I've been rinsing this tune out in the record temperatures this month, would thoroughly recommend checking him out.

DJOKO - Hooked EP

Dare I say it, one of my favourite SNF releases to date...

Unknown Artist - RETRIBUTION0.93

'ard as nails this release and an instant cop for me! Still a few copies left of this limited 250 press I believe.

Pepe - FR0NTL1N3

This one may have slipped under a few peoples radar amongst the madness of bandcamp day.

DJ Saskia - Sacred Rave Arts EP

Another Bandcamp day special, with all proceeds going towards Boston area charities that support QTPOC artists and their friends.

Georges - Cagnard

Pure feel good vibes from the Frenchman, accompanied by fun and carefree music vid...

Alex Neri - Peaceful Warriors

This EP was my first time stumbling across the Slow Life label. B2 has to be my favourite.

R&S Records - In Order To Care VA

Recent events have seen an outpour of support from artists and labels in aid of the NHS, through VA's and release of music that may otherwise not have seen the light of day. R&S were no different, providing a huge selection of tunes donated by many big names. No way this couldn't get a mention.

Kyle Hall - The Shark EP

Big Roo vibes on this one, perfect for the bangin' weather - that has just disappeared as I'm writing this...


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