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Selextorhood - Identification of Music

Rachael wrote an article for the Identification of Music after having a chat with the lovely Selextorhood. It looks at Birmingham's scene and how DIY nights and collectives like Selextorhood are igniting Brum's nightlife. Short snippet to tease you here:

"Fundamentally, this is an amazing space for womxn and non-binary DJ’s to grow in confidence, be in a welcoming community and provide a much needed “springboard” to womxn and non-binary groups who have not had as much as a “head start” as men (Holly).

Yet, it’s also about keeping Birmingham’s scene alive and by including these groups it inspires a whole new demographic to become DJ’s, to start their own nights and to become involved in the electronic music industry...

It’s time to put Birmingham back on the map, and this feels like a positive step towards it."

Read it all here:


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