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Review: Various Artists - Boots & Legs Vol. 3 [Boots & Legs]

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Don your high boots and strap yourself in for an imperial attack as the Boots & Legs crew return with their first release of 2021.

The vinyl and digi release is opened by Aussie producer Kayroy. As a fan of his outings on Whiskey Disco, it's great to see him digging more into the grittier, Cyborg sides of disco. 'Silicon Horizon' is a space that occupies some future desert terrain, run by an army of cowboy-boot wearing robots who, let's face it, are having a brilliant time, as shimmering keys, seriously chunky bass lines and comets fill their dancefloor.

Next up Romain FX, affiliate of the utterly captivating Fauve Records, creates an alluring guide on how to piece together an Italo Disco banger. Make. Italo. Disco. Great. Again - once you've heard the track, it's hard not to say it in the sultry, robotic tones of Annika. Packed with 80s synths and meandering acid tinged lines this truly is a groover.

Flipping over to the B side, we are thrown into the depths of the jungle, which conjures up memories of playing Donkey Kong Country on the SNES, as a wooden block lays the foundation for retro stabs, futurist zaps and a funked up bassline in German synthwave wizard Compilerbau's 'Raindance'.

Finishing things up label head GREETINGS incorporates some Balearic tones with a delightful pan flute - who's not a sucker for a pan flute? - and rainbow-tinged chords. Time may be a thief in our corona-fied world, but just for 5 minutes and 5 seconds the listeners time is suspended in an android filled paradise.


Simultaneously a blast into the past and a peak into a sleek future, Boots & Legs is a must buy for anyone's record bag. 'Boots & Legs Vol 3.' drops on the 5th of February. For more from Boots & Legs you can check out their Bandcamp HERE.


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