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Review: Rare Pleasure - Superfine Feeling (Ashley Beedle's NSW Rejig) [A's + Bees]

Originally released in 1977, Rare Pleasure's soul coated classic 'Superfine Feeling' was only ever pressed as an 'almost unattainable acetate' and easily fetched £400 on the vinyl market. Thankfully, A's + Bees makes the record much more accessible, as they launch their label with a repress of the creation. This marks the start of their mission to bring joy to our lives with a label focused on "highlighting double sided delights" and dedicated to - rather fittingly - donating 50% of the profits from each release towards the British Beekeepers Association.

Opening with the original, which really does give you a Superfine Feeling, I found myself hooked on those uplifting power vocals, disco fueled melodies and guitar jams. Flipping over the incredible Ashley Beedle, member of Black Science Orchestra and X-Press 2 to name just a few of his monikers, gives his take. Injecting a little more funk and instrumentation by highlighting those gorgeous guitar melodies, his version is guaranteed to get anyone up and loosing their inhibitions to the boogie.


'Superfine Feeling' is out now and available to purchase HERE.


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