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Review: Emotional TY - Purest Blue EP [EMTY]

Swedish DJ and Producer Emotional Ty aka Edgar Ariza returns with his new four-tracker 'Purest Blue', an EP which explores the gap between deep intelligent listening and cosmic dance floor therapy to create an impressively broad yet, cohesive collection of music. Ever since his journey began in 2011, Emotional TY has been crafting his own unique sound and a sonic palette that is truly his own, showcasing his journey through the realms of electronic music. Whether that’s Italo infused deep house, or nautically inspired techno, 'Purest Blue' covers a brilliant range of sounds.

Opening things up is ‘Nautical’, an ethereal concoction of sweeping pads, off world synths and quirky melodies. As you delve deeper into the track you are greeted by the deepest of bass lines, which truly feels euphoric when paired with the rolling drum patterns. The percussive synths live up to the track name, leading you to believe that these sonic bursts had to be created in the deepest of oceans. This track is certainly a journey and a definite nod to the old school sound.

'Unborn' switches up the style with a club ready kick and bass combination along with a hefty clap on the off beat sure to rattle any soundsystem. The track is helped along by bursts of delicate rides and drum changes that compliment the pads beautifully. Hitting the halfway mark, the listener is greeted by a squelchy 303 which oozes sophistication just after the blissful vocal sample sets the scene.

On the flip side ‘Home’ gently eases you in with infectious breaks drums and gorgeous floaty pads before the bassline takes centre stage. This is coupled nicely with stabby chords creating a dubby deep house sensation. Three minutes in and the hypnotising melody comes into play which really plays on the heart strings and gives you that “crying on the dance floor” feeling.

To top it all off ‘Not The Same (Without You)’ gifts us with a growling sub bass and luscious synths curating the perfect hypnotic dance track. Featuring on the track is Swedish talent EKALIFF, who provides us with some beautifully fitting vocals which give the track an electro pop signature. A perfect way to tie up the release.


'Purest Blue EP' drops on EMTY on the 22nd March. You can find it HERE.


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