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Review: Bosq - Mouna Power [Bacalao]

Ben Woods, otherwise known as Bosq, is a producer who thoroughly roots himself within the cultures and music he aims to reproduce. Born in Boston, Bosq firstly relocated to Puerto Rico and now resides in Colombia - and his merging of afro rhythms, latin, funk, disco and hip hop within his discography certainly reflects this journey. His consistent output of original, authentic and high-quality music comes down to his commitment to collaborate with talented musicians from around the world, and as a result, Bosq’s productions are always vibrant and full of life. His latest release as usual isn’t shy of amazing collaborations. ‘Mouna Power,’ featuring Pat Kalla on vocals, djembe work from ‘Beto’ Salas (a world class percussionist from Turbo on the Colombia’s Caribbean coast), and The Bogota Orquesta Afrobeat on the horn section, is a delightful fusion of of disco, funk and afro beats.

There’s no messing about with this record. The A side jumps straight into dynamic percussion, a simple driving bassline, and Pat’s chanted vocals. The arrival of the horn section brings a bounce to the record, and if your shoulders weren’t already grooving, they will be by now. Pat seamlessly weaves between a mix of French, English and the Cameroonian dialect of his heritage, but it’s the contrasting range that Kalla exhibits that pushes the song to new heights.

The impressive djembe work is never overpowering but creates the perfect amount of shake and shimmer. Mouna Power is a shoulder-shaking 4 and a half minutes of disco-afro-funk bliss.

The B side is the real dancefloor filler. While the A side prioritizes big vocals and funk, the B side thrives off its stripped-back percussion and jazz-tinged chord-progression. The sparse vocal chants ride the groove, pushing the track forward constantly, and in turn creating a huge sense of movement within this record. We’re also blessed with a funkier, ascending bassline, alongside absolute killer percussive breakdowns sure to get you moving. Picture yourself on a beach, sand between your toes, eyes closed and the sun beating down on you, and Mouna Power on the stereo.


Grab the single from tomorrow: BOSQ feat PAT KALLA Mouna Power Vinyl at Juno Records.

Alev Omer hosts the women in jazz show on Soho Radio and is part of the women and non binary collective Selextorhood. You can find more about her under DJ name Lev.


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