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Review: Aemone - Diving (Everybody In)

Ahead of Aemone's "Diving" release tomorrow we reveal a little more about what Aemone's debut release on Everybody In is all about. Spoiler - silky smooth rhodes chords and jazz coloured keys.

Marking London based label Everybody In's third release, the EP deviates from the label's more minimal and melodic sound to encompass deep house and jazz influences. The Belgian producer opens thing up with an acid drenched bassline, a quirky synth melody and energetic high hats which elevate 'Hold You' to a dance floor standard. 'Purple Sun' is my personal favorite, picking up the pace with a punchy kick which lays beneath some gorgeous chords and magical jingling effects. 'Rise' starts off with more downtempo vibes, reminiscent of the sampling techniques of HNNY - especially as the percussion drops out in the middle - but slowly picks up energy with a bubbling acid lines until Aemone finishes up with 'Take Your Time' drawing on 90's influences with a powerful looped female vocal and ravey stabs.

This is a release which is full of life and pulls on influences from all over the spectrum whilst retaining a little element of the producer, Aemone's, personal sound with an evident love for acid tinged melodies and deep chords. Definitely one to watch.

Check out the snippets here and you can catch the full EP release tomorrow on Everybody In Records:


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