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Premiere: whø? - Train Station

Paula left crossing each river twice, knowing there would be nothing to come back to and on the way each of her steps continuously sonicated and extruded to finally collapse into the emptiness she once came from.

Earlier this year the wonderful whø? put together an all vinyl mix for us filled with a delicious selection of bubbling acid, electro lines and ethereal breakbeat. A rising talent on the Berlin scene, Whø recently played a killer set for HÖR BERLIN and continues to impress us with his eclectic crate digging and passion for sharing the music he loves.

We are thrilled to bring you the B2 side from the Berlin producer's debut release 'Paula Z Leaving The House EP'. 'Train Station' leaves the listener in sweet suspension as delicate acidic bleeps tap straight into your veins, mimicking a life support machine which eventually fades into nothingness, accompanied by divine synths and elegant piano keys which transport the listener to a dimension in the afterlife. A reminder of the fragility of human life.

Lock in here:

'Paula Z Leaving The House EP' drops on whø?'s Bandcamp on December 18th.


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