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Premiere: Virtual Reality - Pegasus

Another Bandcamp Friday treat comes from the mysterious Virtual Reality who releases the 'Galaxy Zoo' LP today. We at Halcyon are excited to share with you the track 'Pegasus', a evolving euphoric number which utilities clunky industrial sounds, mechanical bleeps and dreamy emotive synths:

'Galaxy Zoo' forms the first part of a two part series with Part 1 dropping today and Part 2 'Hidden Galaxi' following up in March. The LP showcases a wide range of genres and influences pulling on ambient, industrial techno, detroit, break beat and experimental but seem to be unified by the motif of machinery: "This heterogeneous mixture of genres, sounds, art forms is the perfect exemplification of the infinite variety of elements that compose galaxies - the theme behind Virtual Reality's latest body of work."

Virtual Reality notes that this is also a project that is dedicated to a close friend and indeed you can feel the many emotions of the producer as the listener travels through chaotic percussion, warm atmospherics, eerie break beat and more.

This is a wonderfully intimate release, which drops on 5th February 2021 via their Bandcamp.


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