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Premiere: Tullochh - Check Point [NUDIBRANCH]

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Pub gardens have reopened and outdoor music teases the return of the non-social distance dancing that we are all craving. Tullochhs' 'Collective Species' feds into this returning to the club narrative with two high energy cuts which "nod to the the conceptual alien lifeforms that exist within the Nudibranch universe".

Forming part of his debut single, we are delighted to bring you "Checkpoint" an alien engineered jam which is sprinkled with out of this world bleeps and bloops, a bassline which you can't help but move too and ravey stabs. This truly is an homage to arcade racing and the soundtrack to an alien grand-prix in a futuristic Tokyo-like city.


Tullochh's 'Collective Species' lands on Nudibranch on the 16th April, you can cop it HERE.


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