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Premiere: Sturmherta – Fridge Cosm [Portable Storage Unit]

Enigmatic IDM producer Sturmherta is set to join the Portable Storage Unit roster with his EP “SEQ05” dropping on May 28th. “Fridge Cosm” comes hot on the heels of the first single “11x16rash” which premiered via Ballacid last week accompanied by a mind-bending video produced by the artist himself.

“Fridge Cosm” further displays the artist’s technical prowess, marrying deep, rolling sub-bass with glitchy electronics and eerie atmospheres that build to a pulverising, nightmarish crescendo.

Across its four tracks “SEQ05” showcases Sturmherta’s unique artistic vision delivering a truly visceral listening experience that’s sure to excite fans of veteran sonic wizards Clark and Aphex Twin.

Utilising an aggressive sonic palette of glitched-out electronics and blisteringly heavy bass swoons, Sturmherta has created four slices of cyberpunk dystopia that defy categorisation and beg repeat listens.


Available on May 28th via the PSU Bandcamp, SEQ05 is available in Digital and USB format while the USB edition comes packaged with an artist sample kit and the hypnotic music video for “11x16rash”


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