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Premiere: Spike The Mantis - Honey [Late Night Drum Club]

It's nearly bank holiday weekend and we are here to ease you with some downtempo, funk infused vibes courtesy of the mysterious Spike The Mantis. Taken from Late Night Drum Club's latest VA 'Altered State', label head SWIN reflected on how corona has changed our lives in many ways: "After months of lockdown away from nightclubs we began to sense that dance music lacked context and became more nostalgic. As producers we were drawn to slower tempo’s and we wanted to conceptualise these feelings of disillusionment onto a record that would be released as lockdown eased and life returned to ‘’normal’’.

'Honey' provides plenty of funked up nectar, with a lazy bassline guiding the track whilst jazzy keys meander across the soundscape with no cares in the world. This is a post lockdown vision; close your eyes and your transported to a warm and cosey bar, buzzing with the life and energy which we have been so craving.

'Altered State' drops on April 8th, with all profits going towards MIND. You can pre-order it HERE.


For more from Late Night Drum Club you can follow them via the socials below:

Instagram: @latenightdrumclub




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