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Premiere: Solar Suite - Sad Machine (Echocentric Records)

For our next premiere we are beamed virtually to Finland to bring you a track from Solar Suite's debut EP on Helsinki-based Echocentric Records. 'Field of View EP' forms the first edition of a three part vinyl series dedicated to showcasing Australian talent. As noted by the label themselves, there's lots of exciting talent coming out of the country who have formed a uniquely Australian sound including Roza Terenzi, Lou Karsh and Fantastic Man to name just a few. However, Echocentric Records look to highlight a "new generation of Australian producers just waiting to be discovered".

“Musica Australis Incognita” is based around the sound of the Australian east coast, Melbourne and Sydney more specifically. All three young producers that contribute to the series share a similar vibe in their sound with a unique, dare we say mature, voice. Timeless and captivating contemporary electronic music-all very recognisably Australian"

Starting things off in the series is Solar Suite, with Escape Artist on the remix duties. The Melbourne based selector and DJ has released on the likes of Rodeo and Gestalt Records and with such a developed sound is sure to become a familiar name on the Australian scene.

We are ecstatic to share with you the A2 track 'Sad Machine', a euphoric creation that is tinged with melancholy. Drawing on elements of electro, trance and breakbeat, 'Sad Machine' dexterously layers floaty, emotive synths and alien engineered bleeps over shuffling percussive elements. The effect is hypnotic, throwing you straight into the depths of a continually changing landscape.

You can check it out here:

The "Field Of View EP" will be available on digi and vinyl and drops this Friday. You can pre-order it HERE.


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