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Premiere: Small Crab - Princess05 [La Bonne Musique]

Our next premiere is taken from Small Crab's killer debut EP 'Nail Lacquer' which is all about experimentation with samples and percussion. Based in Dublin she is part of Skin and Blister club, a platform that encourages female, trans and non-binary creatives in the realm of music and the Arts.

Today we are excited to bring you 'Princess05' on La Bonne Musique, a track which was "born out of a strict lockdown in January". Starting things off with a rolling percussive line, which guides the track throughout, 'Princess05' evolves to include a bouncy bass line and deep synths which encourage outer body exploration. Check it here:


Small Crab's 'Nail Lacquer' drops on the 16th April via La Bonne Musique's Bandcamp. You can find it HERE.


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