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Premiere: Shadow Acid - Brainforest [Exalt Records]

The mysterious Shadow Acid figure comes back at the end the year to present more of his sound with four new tracks, a remix from Hamburg based duo Extrawelt and a heady resource of beat loops for vinylist DJs. The first track - Brainforest utilises Braindance melded with bass, ultimately made with dancing at its core. Spacey acid lines set ontop of crisp drums set an other-worldly tone carried throughout the EP.

Shadow Acid’s sound marries acid futurism and references to the 90s rave, anything-goes ethos of the past. It’s a sound that has rightfully earned the enthusiasm of a wave of music fans and DJs across the summer and has been played across BBC6 Music, Rinse FM and the streaming platforms around the world.

Listen here:

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