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Premiere: Sam Karam 'Merikerho Loving'

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Lebanese born Sam Karam's latest offering marks his first self titled release, having previously produced under the aliases Sltryp Ursuit and Bchara. Released on his own label Anti Skate, which has housed the likes of Tech Support and Pepe, 'Minilogue Tales' moves away from the disco infused sounds of the latter and demonstrates the diversity and variety across the label.

For our next premiere Halcyon Wax are buzzing to share the third track from the EP entitled 'Merikerho Loving'. Retro jingles and looping synths build up to reveal a snaking acidic line, all which sit within a sublimely layered track which is ever evolving and atmospheric.

'Minologue Tales' drops this Friday on Anti Skate. Tune in here:


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