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Premiere: Naconda 'Bongo Bon Gars (feat. HLB)'

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Our first premiere of the decade comes for our close friend Naconda and transports us across borders to Toulouse based label and crew 909 connection.

Co-founder of both 909 Connection and Toulouse's Bel'Air Festival, Naconda has started to carve a name for himself in the French scene with a signature style which explores plenty of depth, warmth and soul.

Marking 909 Connection's first release of 2020, we are extremely excite to share with you 'Bongo Bon Gars' from Naconda's first full EP. The four track record starts with the hedonistic down tempo jam 'Mid', before calling on Rich P and HLB to explore rich soundscapes in ' Thérèse Antithèse Synthèse' and 'Bongo Bon Gars'. Finishing with a bang, title track 'Le Pouche à Alger' is a real dancefloor groover.

Halcyon Wax's personal favourite (and luckily what we get to premiere) takes the form of 'Bongo Bon Gars', a collaborative effort between Naconda and French artist HLB - who lays down swirling bongo patterns and an underlying bouncing bass. Opening with twinkling arpeggios and a crispy 909 grove, the track progresses to include delicious pads which roll gently under a sensual jazz infused guitar melody, with all the instruments recorded live, straight out of Naconda's Leamington Spa pad.

'Le Pouche à Alger' drops tomorrow on the 27th Jan. Be sure to lock into the rest of the EP


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