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Premiere: Mystique - Impromptu (Pollination)

Pollination is a nonprofit platform promoting greater inclusivity through music. Launching their label with the diverse compilation 'Solidarity With Moria: All Refugees Welcome', Pollination's first release came together as a matter of urgency, following the devastating fire at the Moria refugee camp in Lesvos, Greece, which has left 13k refugees displaced once more, including 5000 minors.

The release will go towards Movement on the Ground, a NGO who are aiming to maintain a fixed presence in Lesvos and Samos, working to improve living conditions and and education throughout the camps with Pollination wishing to show solidarity between the global underground music community and the refugee community.

We are delighted to share Mystique's contribution 'Impromptu'. A very close friend to Halcyon, Mystique has been carving out a strong name for herself in the Manchester scene, selecting a range of detroit influenced numbers, booty shaking flavours and fast paced electro at the likes of Soup Kitchen and during lockdown, virtually with United We Stream. Since July she has turned her passion to producing, with a hot string of releases on Shifting Spheres, PSU and now Pollination.

Quickly developing a signature sound, 'Impromptu' incorporates mysterious synths and a walking bass groove among lush pads and energetic percussion. The vocal calls out to listeners to stand up and speak out, fitting into the purpose of the compilation which is not only to raise money but also highlight the urgency and scale of the refugee crisis.

'Solidarity With Moria: All Refugees Welcome' drops tomorrow on Pollination. You can catch the previews on Bandcamp here:


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