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Premiere: LUXE - Be The One (Remedy Mix)

Ahead of the first Bandcamp Friday of the year we are excited to bring you a track from Manchester based LUXE, along with some wonderful artwork from the talented Lethal Biddle (who is also behind the Halcyon Mix series template). The producer, DJ and composer is part of the women and non binary collective B.L.O.O.M and has been carving her way into the scene with releases on Banoffee Pies, and (my own) Shifting Spheres last year.

Chatting to her about her new EP she said "I’ve spent a lot of time in Lockdown making quick and fun edits of pop songs. These two tracks both sample songs that I found myself randomly humming absolutely out of nowhere and thinking that I could use them as a basis for a track, bringing the originals to life in a totally different way. The female voice is a really powerful and unique tool and it’s been so enjoyable to explore how wonderfully adaptable it is within different sonic environments."

'Be The One (Remedy Mix)' is a high energy curation with ravey, euphoric synths, fast broken percussion and a deep grumbling bass, all tied together by powerful female vocals. Check it out here:

'Re-imaginations EP' drops tomorrow via LUXE's Bandcamp HERE.


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