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Premiere: Leonard Maassen - Kukicha [Electronic Ecology]

Leonard Maassen is a musician who explores the intersections between electronic and jazz through composition, production and drumming. Inspired by his Geography degree 'Lillies' is a 'dialogue evocative of the emergence of increasingly interconnected but ethereal, even alien, spaces and experiences in the 21st intricate bottomless and potent musical ecosystem which seeks to come to terms with the realities of 21st century pollution, ecological decline and the legacies of colonial power relations". The inspiration behind the EP is attributed to the legacy of jazz musicians such as Yusef Lateef and Sun Ra, as well as electronic musicians Suzanne Ciani and Jean-Luc Ponty.

'Kukicha' begins with a distant signal, a bleeping which is accompanied by hypnotic vocal loops and misshapen beats before a jazz infused synth meanders lazily across the top of the track. Taking a contemplative breather the track strips back to its bare elements as it simultaneously mixes natural soundscapes with the mechanical until an acidic melody interrupts the quiet crevices. Later 'Kuckicha' is joined by sparkling keys which could form the soundtrack of a murder mystery, and indeed the structures seems to mimic this in its unpredictability, its twist and turns and its constant evolution.

Listen in here:


'Lillies' drops on the 16th May via Leonard Maassen's BANDCAMP.


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