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Premiere: J.A.M - 1990 (Discotapes Records)

Lima based label Discotapes drop their first collaborative EP, showcasing exclusively Peruvian talent.

After J.A.M curated a stellar mix for Halcyon Wax last July, the Peruvian selector has been on our radar and we are delighted to premiere his debut release '1990' on Discotapes.

Bringing the same love for the roots of house music as he did in his Halcyon mix, J.A.M's production style incorporates 90's influences, displayed through a chunky Chicago bass and sultry sax samples in '1990'. A retro quality is exuded throughout the track which "seeks to pay tribute to a sound that settled a standard in electronic music" whilst, filtered Spanish vocal samples are interweaved into a seriously groovy bassline which incorporates an element of his own Latin american culture.

J.A.M's '1990' forms part of Discotapes first collaborative offering, with a release which showcases exclusively Peruvian talent. The 'Various Artists EP' focuses on disco sampling as a

nod to the origins of house music, where experimental disco and soul edits were mixed with electronic elements to eventually form the 4/4 beat.

Based in Lima, the Discotapes crew was formed last year by Pierre Valentin and Alvaro Teves and has rapidly expanded from a mix and party series to become a label that is dedicated to new South American electronic sound.

Lock into J.A.M's '1990' here. 'Various Artists EP' is out June 12th, watch out for the other dancefloor groovers which will be dropping soon:


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