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Premiere: Hamza Rahimtula - Gold Is God [FuFu Records]

After a 3 year hiatus the Hong Kong based label FuFu Records return with a stellar compilation which focuses on exclusively Asian Artists with the likes of Munir (Midnight Runners), Rafiki, founder of KRUNK in India, and Beijing's Luxixi joining the lineup. '88 - Double Happiness' features 8 artists from 7 different countries with an aim to 'push the visibility of the Asian underground scene to the worldwide'. Alongside this, 80% of sales from the compilation will go towards the amazing cause 'One Tree Planted' which focuses on reforestation and rebuilding the habitat of critically endangered species.

We are delighted to bring you Hamza Rahimtula's contribution. Hailing from New Delhi, India Hamza's heads the label Wind Horse Records - which aims to spread the sound philosophy on India's house music scene - alongside having releases on the likes of King Street Sounds, Nitegrooves and Monique Speciale.

Taken from an interview of India’s 70’s disco producer king ‘Bappi Lahri’, 'Gold is God' was created by Hamza as a tribute to Bappi: "He is a living legend and was inspired by Gold to the point where he worshipped it and believed it was a holy substance that gave blessings and luck". Merging disco licks and snippets of the interview, the track is full of groove and energy.

Check it out here:

'88 - Double Happiness' drops of FuFu Records on 16th March, if you are able to support this wonderful cause you can buy the compilation HERE.


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