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Premiere: George John - OIAIO (Donald Dust Remix) [Blaq Numbers]

We glide into the sun rays of June with another premiere from the wonderful German label Blaq Numbers. This one comes in the form of George John's debut EP on the label, a five tracker which is loaded with with Space glitch house vibes and has remixes from Toytonics regulars Rhode & Brown and Edinburgh producer Donald Dust.

This ones 7 minutes of pure hedonistic pleasure remixed by Enter Planet Dust's head honcho Donald Dust. Opening things up with scattered drum patterns, the listener is treated to a deliciously funked up bassline which sits under an acid tinged jazz melody which leisurely explores the synths dimensions. Overtime the track evolves to explore otherworldly territories as we are momentarily suspended with alien synths before exploding back into that hella funky bassline. This is one for the sunlit evenings of summer and will be available on eco vinyl. What more could you want?


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