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Premiere: Endamisi Salamisi - Affluenza (Hidden Assets)

Estonian producer Endamisi Salamisi debuts on Gestalt Record's sub label Hidden Assets with his 'Mood Swings 4 Everyone' EP, a wonderful trip through some seriously deep textures and hazy atmospherics.

Launched last year, the Hidden Assests imprint focuses on more laid back, downtempo and ambient electronica with releases on alternative medias such as CD and tape. Salamisi's 'Mood Swings 4 Everyone' takes the form of a latter, something that fits in well with the aesthetics of the EP, as I can just imagine slotting my tape in and drifting away to the floaty kingdom that Salamisi has conjured up which moves sublimely through dub techno, break beat and pure ambiance.

We at Halcyon are delighted to bring you the A1 track of the release. When I looked up the term 'Affluenza' I was interested to find it is defined as "a painful, contagious, socially transmitted condition of overload, debt, anxiety, and waste resulting from the dogged pursuit of more". Listening to Affluenza with this in mind I really got the sense that this was a commentary on society. From the offset, Salamisi's creation is powerfully emotive as swirling atmospherics surround the listener and delicate bird calls echo in and out, packed with feeling and spirituality. There is a sense of trying to reach some kind of equilibrium between the mechanical clinks and the human engineered crisp kick, and the freedom of the natural bird calls and atmospherics. As a producer who grew up in a small village, with 'the freedom of not being over stimulated by the constant noise of nowadays web technocracy' this seems to be Salamisi making sense of two different world's colliding. This truly is a gorgeous creation, listen in below:

Endamisi Salamisi's 'Mood Swings 4 Everyone' drops on Hidden Assets on December the 4th via Bandcamp.


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