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Premiere: Electric Supply Station - The Bad Left Eye (Erbium Records)

As photons of dying light fracture through the cracks, only dust, and decaying monuments endure to marvel at the star’s dwindling life force. The looming eternal silence meets resistance at the orchestral hum of phantom-like activity; whispering currents, droning gyros, and flickering neon screens the last remaining remnants of a civilisation long forgotten.

The elusive ESS has been producing introspective sound collages in Birmingham for many years. Their name taken from an old stone engraving on a long-defunct 20th-century power station, the waning structure of which still exists in the city today.

With this in mind the moniker is somewhat poetic, a manifestation of the music that sits behind it; a Daedalian sound that explores different tangents of time both real and imagined.

ERB005 frames the soundtrack to a future time period, where civilisation devolves - as it's star begins to fade - from thriving community to dust and autonomous relics. Listen here:

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