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Premiere: dare balogun - Anikulapo

Our next premiere comes from Vandelay Radio co-founder dare balogun. Starting the Swansea based station back in 2018, Vandelay was initally created out of pure boredom and watching too much Seinfeld. Two years later it's blossomed to include a diverse roster, covering all corners of the electronic spectrum.

Following 'Empty in Eaton' on Thirty Year last year, 'Direct From The Diaspora' marks dare balogun's second release and is an expression of his position as a Nigerian brought up in the UK - simulatenously being from two cultures whilst not feeling he belongs to either, a 'cultural dissonace of sorts'. We at Halcyon are absolutely delighted to premiere the gorgeous 'Anikulapo' from the release - a track which dare sums up as an "expression of this [alientation], merging my passion for electronic music and cultural heritage into a sound"

'Anikulapo' is proper deep house, utilising delcious deep stabbing chords and rolling bongo patterns that sit underneath a soft muted trumpet, looped vocal snippets which call to his cultural heritage and jingling bells. Check it out here:

'Direct From the Diaspora' drops on Kramerica Worldwide later this year.


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