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Premiere: Charlie H 'Plastic Oceans'

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Charlie H premieres on Halcyon with his very first EP drop.

After 4 years of mixing, two of which were dedicated to training on turntables exclusively, Charlie H’s love for intertwining electronic genres has resulted in the production of the 3 tracker release ‘Lowercase’, a single unified by balearic influences, dreamy melodies and bouncing basses. 

We at Halcyon are delighted to premiere the environmentally conscious ‘Plastic Oceans’ before the EP’s release later this month, taking the listener on a journey through house's aquatic side. Playful notes, bouncy kicks and floaty synths give the track a retro feel, transporting the listener atop a shimmering ocean. However, don’t be fooled by its uplifting melodies, the tracks title points to a darkness hovering under the surface, ready to burst out. Delve deeper and this ocean becomes a mass of plastic…

Charlie H’s ‘Lowercase’ drops on the 15th of May and will feature ‘Plastic Oceans’ among ‘lowercase’ and ‘Resurrection Sunday’. Listen to an exclusive premiere of 'Plastic Oceans' now:



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