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Premiere: bad internet - Remove all outer Packaging before Heating [La Bonne Musique]

London label La Bonne Musique deliver their second compilation featuring 10 tracks from an international cast of up and comping producers. The release pulls on influences from across the electronic spectrum, drawing inspiration from dreamy eletronica, acid house and liberating psy-trance.

'Remove all outer Packaging before Heating' is the contribution from the co-founder of the label, bad internet. The Brussels born, London based producer has spent the last four years developing his music tastes on both sides of the pond. His blend of uk techno, electro and jungle with strong nods to his European roots have seen him support the likes of Artwork, Mella Dee and Fauzia amongst others.

The track itself utilises clean breaks, ravey stabs, bubbling lines of acid and a rather quirky microwave breakdown, a perfect recipe for the dancefloor or a festival in July this year (or so we hope!). Chatting with bad internet himself revealed the inspirations behind the track: 'Other than many hours of quality time with my microwave I was inspired by the ravey, distorted breaks in the music I've been listening to lately. Whether it's dolphin noises or quirky vocals I've always been a major fan of late night tracks that weird people out on the dancefloor and I figured when clubs finally reopen I want to cause some major confusion with one of my own! I also like to attempt to tell somewhat of an ambiguous story through composition, sample choice and concept - really adds another layer of fun to the production process rather than just trying to make a dance track, but will leave whatever that is to the listener to figure out".

Check out here and don't forget to remove all outer packaging before heating:

The second various artist compilations drops on March 5th via their Bandcamp.


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