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Playlist: Darkish Explore the Relationship Between Image and Music

Preceding their 'Do I Dare Disturb the Universe' made up of "three retro-futuristic tracks strongly inspired by Tangerine Dream, John Carpenter, 1980s obscure sci-fi, and TV Series scores like V Visitors and Miami Vice", Darkish have put together a playlist for us looking in more detail at the relationship between image and music.

Their third releases drops on the 18th January via their Bandcamp, and derives from the encounter between two opposing paradigms, a deeply idiosyncratic and nostalgic vision of Alessandro Del Vigna and the compositional methods of Matteo Pupa.

Both Vigna and Pupa are deeply involved in cinema, with Matteo having worked on soundtracks of Oscar-awarded Director Gabriele Salavtore's films and Alessandro being one of the executive producers of Abel Ferrara's Siberia. We are therefore very excited to present this playlist from one half of the duo, Alessandro Del Vigna aka Alex Darkish that dives into his fascination of the way image and music compliment one another.

I was always fascinated by those rare moments in films when music and images really come together, and the music itself becomes a signifier and not a mere comment, creating a unique synthesis that enhances the images and surprises you (like it happens when Gino Soccio's The Visitors suddenly play in Fellini's City of Women) bringing everything to a higher level, which is like heaven for me. Here is a selection for you of some tracks that deeply inspired my imagination and production. (Alex Darkish)

1) Tangerine Dream - Grind (Sorcerer by William Friedkin, 1977)

2) Andrzej Korzyński - The Night The Screaming Stops (Possession by Andrzej Żuławski, 1981)

3) Crescendo - Franco Micalizzi (Laure by Emmanuelle Arsan, 1975)

4) Klaus Schulze - Surrender (Angst by Gerald Kargl, 1983)

5) Tangerine Dream - Love On a Real Train (Risky Business by Paul Brickman, 1983)

6) Joe Delia - Ms 45 Dance Party (Ms 45 by Abel Ferrara,1981)

7) Barry The Vorzon - Theme From The Warriors (The Warriors by Walter Hill, 1979)

8) John Carpenter - The Dukes Arrives (Escape From New York by John Carpenter, 1981)

9) Giorgio Moroder - Leopard Tree Dream (Cat People by Paul Schrader, 1982)

10) Mychael Danna - Dilko Tamay Huay (Exotica by Atom Egoyan, 1994)

'Do I Dare Disturb the Universe' drops on Bandcamp in both digi and cassette format. Pre-order it here.


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