• Oli Judd

Mix: Toby Williams

North Walian DJ and producer Toby Williams is an upcoming artist, who focuses upon the

sounds emerging from the UK underground scene.

In his Halcyon mix, Toby digs deep into his collection of tunes and brings us back on our feet showcasing a variation of UKG, electro and breakbeat blends. Better known for his independent label imprint, Toby has been working hard behind the scenes with ANDRAS Records. Whilst, only two releases deep the label has begun to gain recognition throughout with plenty more on the horizon. Tracklist:- Nightdrive - Justified [Forthcoming ANDRAS Records] Dubrunner - Shadow Tag [SYN12002] Salomo - If I Ever Know [RM12010] Adria I Sergi - Espetec [FUNKYSHIRT002] Internal Transfer - Embodiment Exercise [Eternal Ocean] Harry Oscillate - Biosphere [Seld-Release] Unkown - Unkown [White Label] DPLCD - All This Bitchez (2 Step EDIT) [Planetaria Soundsystem] Chaz Moloney - Aqua Reflections [Self-Release] ESBA - Egon [Bardouin Music] Oldboy - Give It To Me [Special Blends] Jimmy Batt - Utopia [SHINUCHU001]


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