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Mix & In Conversation: Whitehouse

Motoring boss Whitehouse steps up to the Halcyon Wax mix series next with a selection of stripped back and spacious techno. The label owner and party thrower has been resurrecting Coventry's underground scene alongside the likes of Ghost Town, Humans On Wax and Block Radio, as well as DJing across the country in pre-covid times.

As described by Whitehouse himself, this is one "where the atmospheres and noises makes your head do flips and you’re 2 hours in, in some dark sweatbox and you think to yourself isn’t it great that there’s not been any ludicrous snare build ups whatsoever then your mate comes up to you and says where you been, you’re like what? and they show you the time on their phone and you must’ve just been having it on your own for ages while they’ve been in smokers".

If you want to be having that experience lock in here and continue reading for more from Whitehouse:

Hey Whitehouse! I had the pleasure of meeting you a few years back when we played an event in Leamington together. I think this was when Motoring was in its earlier stages? How has it evolved since then?

Hello! Motoring was very much in its infancy I think I’d done 1 event and had the second lined up at that point. We’ve slowly built up the brand by throwing regular parties in Coventry, we got a name from doing 10+ hour day to night parties in a small bar Inspire - and it’s gone on from there. Other than having a group of resident DJs now and more of a name, not a lot has changed in terms of the ethos Motoring has. Its still all about deep, proper underground music and parties in unique venues with no cheesy lights or decor just a hot soundsystem wherever will have us, in a dark room where you can be yourself, not feel guilty for having it very large with your mates and forgetting about the real world.

What influenced you to get involved in DJing in the first place?

I have such a cliche story, I used to read loud and quiet magazine a lot at uni and began to explore and dig for electronic music from some of the recommendations in there, gold panda, phantasy was my kind of Avenue in, at the same time when I was back in Cov from I’d go to the ghost town nights for a dance. I was fortunate to meet some good people with a full club set up in their house who I would talk music with, they let me have a play on the decks and showed me the ropes and from then I was hooked.

Absolutely love what you are doing for the Coventry scene. Why was it so important for you to build up more of an underground scene in the city?

I never felt like there was regular enough events in the city that I was into. I’d end up going out of Coventry just to hear the music I love. I thought that there must be other people like me who are doing the same so I set up the event. I felt if I invested the scene it could help draw some of my favourite artists and sounds into the cities bigger venues so we might get a better variety of big bookings in Coventry and at the same time throwing small/mid sized parties so I didn’t feel like venturing out of the city as much.

I also love the community that you have in Coventry and the DIY feel that the scene has. Something that will probably be essential after corona/whilst living with corona is more localised clubbing and DJs. What is your take on this?

In terms of localised clubbing i’d disagree I’ve been down to the Cause and Brixton Jam a few times since lockdown eased I think the lack of options in smaller places like Coventry is sending people like me further afield for events in bigger cities which boast venues who can cope with the government regulations while still being able to throw a good party. I’m trying to get a motoring event going, I agree for us the feasibility to do anything other than with local Djs or up and coming artists/brands in cov will be a too much of stretch currently

DIY or die as they say I’ll figure something out!

How has 2020 had an impact on yourself and on your nights?

Corona has really done us in in terms of the events and it’s tough to promote the music without them. Motoring is my first venture into the music industry so navigating it is keeping me busy, steep learning curve especially this year as the label side of it is growing.

I’ve been at some of the BLM protests in Coventry and in Leam, just to listen.

We’ve have always had a really diverse crowd at motoring and it’s important to me it remains that way. Notwithstanding this I recognise there’s more we can do to promote better inclusivity behind the decks, on the dance floor and in the community.

Will we ever see any productions from yourself or are you sticking to the label management and DJing side of things?

Currently my full time Job and the label are taking up a lot of time, Motoring has 3 eps lined up and 1 coming out Friday 25/09 and it’s just me who is behind it

I have produced stuff that’s had good feedback and a label have asked to release one of my productions on a VA but I’m yet to take the plunge, I’m still deciding whether to release the track.

Thanks for curating the mix for us! What is your favourite track in it?

My pleasure I got a right sweat on recording this one! Toughie but my pick of the bunch is Jeroen Search - Inner Call. Proper raw minimal techno and an excellent example of why less is more

Future plans for Motoring and yourself?

For the label Keep developing our sound and pushing out records from people who I believe in regardless if they’re a big name, for me 100% get some production out there and keep people dancing and laughing. And for the event build up enough of a rep so I can do a big room shaking rave.

Quick fire q's

Estimate the date that we will be able to have a night out again :(

A proper one like pre covid, spring 2021 ):

If you could put anything in Room 101 what would you put in?

Sachets of sauce, there’s hardly an sauce in them and when you finally open them half of it goes all over your hand proper mugs you off, sticky hands no sauce no fun

What are you most missing during this strange period?

100% partying & seeing people dance to music you’ve searched for hours for

Name 3 DJ's/Producers you think should be getting more noticed

Mij Mack - his latest Eylsium LP is superb refreshing to see artists release albums especially when they’re so listenable whatever your preferred genre is you’ll find something you’ll love on this album

Jöel Van Hemmen - we booked Joel for Motoring in march for his uk debut but the rona closed it off, a regular behind the decks at Amsterdam’s Tuishaven and if you listen to any of his mixes or livestreams you can tell why. Can’t wait to make that one happen!

Moy - Wisdom Track is one of my favourites from 2020 and I’ve been told to keep my eye out for their forthcoming releases really like the sound


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