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Mix & In Conversation: Howea

London based duo Howea provide a mix jam packed with breaks, high energy groovers and cheeky snippets of acid, all beautifully blended to create the next mix of the Halcyon Wax series:

As well as providing us with a quality mix we delved into Howea’s background. Currently living in Romford where they adorably live opposite each other – giving them ample opportunities to share household appliances – Rachael Finch got the opportunity to chat with Sam Mccarthy and Dan Harney about their current projects, their background and their new EP.

How did Howea start?

Sam managed to wing himself a weekly slot on a well-known pirate radio station, about 4 years ago. Not really knowing what he was doing, he called upon the help of Dan. We barely even knew each other but it just felt right at the time. The rest they say, is history.

Any good stories from your time together? Plenty, but we don’t want to upset our Mums when they read this.

How would you describe your style? Any influences?

We’re both very different in our styles, which seems to be a good dynamic. Dan will dig for the party anthems and find the dancers sweet spot, whereas Sam will dig for oddities and more leftfield stuff for the chin strokers.

On the influence front, it would be too easy to cite musical influences. We believe that the real influences are the places that we go and the people we meet. The music is obviously important but there is nothing more inspiring that a sense a community. We’re always aiming towards that. Tell me about what you are currently working on?

We’re currently working on a new EP, a mix series and we’re in talks with other collaborators about starting a monthly party this year. We’re also working on a side project with our friend in New Zealand (Junus Orca) and have just put out our first track under the moniker ‘Sri Racha’:

What are your favourite tracks in the mix and to throw in an even harder question, your favourite songs of all time?

Sam: in this mix, I’m absolutely loving Karima F and Joseph Ashworth tracks. Favourite track of all time is a tough one but keeping it relevant, I’d say that one track that has always stuck with me is Myrtle Avenue by Floating Points. I still remember the first time I heard it, there was definitely weeping.

Dan: in this mix I think Pirate copy - Penina. I can’t really pin down a favourite track of all time so I’m going to cheat and say anything and everything off of Lazare Hoche and Malin Genie’s ‘I Don’t Sync So, PT 1 EP.’ I think the whole EP personifies ‘House’ music and I’m pretty sure I’ve burned a hole in the record from playing it so much.

Best song to get the dancefloor up and grooving? It obviously depends on the crowd massively but a bit of UKG in our sets never goes a miss. One track that we’ve been hammering lately is Nu-Birth - Anytime, that really gets the gun fingers in the air. Also, although we don’t play it often, we sometimes like to end a set on Diana Ross - The Boss. The emotion and energy in that track is undeniable and it always seems to make people cuddle at the end of the night.

Favourite clubs/events? Another tough one. If we’re talking big clubs in London, probably Corsica Studios, Phonox and of course, Fabric. If we’re talking smaller joints, Brilliant Corners is probably our favourite bar in London. As for European clubs, Ipse and Chalet in Berlin always deliver the goods but the place that really has our hearts on the continent is Pikes Hotel, Ibiza. I’d say it’s one of the only places left in Ibiza that celebrates true Balearic music and the original hedonistic culture. We find an excuse to go there at least once a year.

Catch Howea laying down beats at their spiritual London home, Basing House, alongside the Eight Avenue Crew on the 26th of April or listen into their monthly show at Fuzion Radio.


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