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Mix: Ground16 & Leo (Limited Brothers)

It's bank holiday Monday and we are delighted to present this very special mix from Swiss producer Ground16 and Limited Brothers member Leo.

Ground16 is an artist from the lovely town of Vevey, Switzerland. He has released tracks on the likes of Juicy Traxxx, Gestalt Records or Neo Violence, and played Paloma Bar and HÖR Berlin to name a few.

Leo is part of the collective called ‘Limited Brothers’, a group of friends who share the same passion for rare grooves and dusty records. Through their various residencies, they have been able to spread groove and visual arts, inviting a handful of acclaimed selectors such as Mark Grusane, Alexander Nut, Fredfades, Hugo LX, Alton Miller and many more.

The two friends Leo and David (Ground16) decided to record a mix together while chilling out at Leo’s place in Lausanne, Switzerland. Half vinyl, half digital. They went deep. They have some upcoming projects together when the time comes...


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