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  • Niamh Ingram

Label Spotlight: Prescribe the Vibe

Brother and sister duo, Moses and Norfn Gyal, run Leeds-based label Prescribe the Vibe. With their parents throwing illegal raves in Miami during the 90s, it is no surprise when they explain to us how dance music culture is ingrained into their family life, quite clearly running through their veins. This, combined with free parties and underage clubbing adventures, have played ‘pivotal roles’ in influencing the pair - both as individuals and as a label.

Moses and Norfn Gyal's Dad. Deejay Phil with his set up, Florida.

There is no wonder that Prescribe the Vibe was established as such an innovative and inclusive platform.

‘We started PTV as a radio show in 2018 on KMAH Radio Leeds and Limbo Radio (Manchester). Since then, we’ve continued to evolve: still maintaining radio, but also providing a platform for freestyles, cyphers and mixes.’

This all-encompassing platform is heavily reflected on their Instagram and Soundcloud alike. They’re constantly pushing fresh and exciting content from the north of the UK: ‘our principal values are good vibes, underground sounds (anything goes, from house to drill) and pushing the North’.

Whilst the North is arguably underrepresented throughout the underground scene, labels such as Prescribe the Vibe are doing huge things to change this. The duo’s expertise and knowledge of local producers and DJs allow an array of talent to be showcased, by providing a platform for them - putting Leeds on the map, big time.

Throwing it back to 2018, the initial aim for the pair was to build up from radio towards an event. As per most things though, a global pandemic had other plans. Whilst this wasn’t an ideal situation for anyone, the brother and sister duo made the best of a bad situation, and took PTV into a different direction.

‘Covid stopped the event from happening, so instead we kickstarted Prescribe the Vibe as a label’, they told us. ‘Our first release was Dinselektah. He’s a long time brother and was sat on a a tune - “Don’t Let Me Down” - a free download. His other productions are definitely worth checking out too, especially Bad Love’.

‘Besides this, another favourite release on the label is Reilk’s ‘Never Make Me Cry’. It’s real old skool underground sounds with soul. The track has gathered radio plays on Rinse in London and France, LDC, Balamii and Melodic Distraction’.

Even with the rocky hurdle that Covid threw, the pair managed to thrive.

‘The whole process so far has been quite smooth to be honest - everyone’s been on it! It really has been the right time to release stuff: all parties have been on board, which is hugely beneficial. Nuff respect and love to Designs by GG and JGG production for running all of the behind the scenes too’.

‘Granted, our first event turned into a socially distant affair at Distrikt [a Leeds underground music venue]. It was odd knowing who to invite to play, and what vibe to go for, but events manager Mezla (Matt) ensured that everything ran smoothly’.

As 2021 continues to (hopefully) bring us a summer of freer movement and reduced restrictions, it is a certainty that Prescribe the Vibe will continue to flourish as a label. The year should also give them the opportunity to use the socially distanced event of 2020 as a springboard in order to progress onto a more regular, non-socially distanced affair.

‘Once we’re allowed to, for an event, we would love to fly over PTV associate A Groove Affair from Belgium, as well as Vibesey and Earful of Wax from London. We’d also like to do a RINSE FM takeover to showcase our crew: as well as collaborating with other Leeds based crews for club nights, such as Bump, SYN12 and Gimme A Break’.

Besides events though, the pair have other plans. ‘We want to start pressing vinyl too’, they add. ‘It’s all one step at a time, baby!’

I couldn’t have put it better myself. Prescribe the Vibe are a label which have taken ginormous steps throughout the last few years, and continue to grow and evolve day by day - just as they said, one step at a time. This label is dominating the Leeds and northern underground music scene at the moment: and it’s no doubt whatsoever that 2021 will be the year in which they build on that.


For more from Prescribe the Vibe you can follow their Instagram @prescribe.the.vibe or find their SoundCloud HERE.

Niamh Ingram is a music writer and co-founder of the Gem Collective.


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