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In Conversation: plastic/vibes pick their top 5 house tracks

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

French born DJ and vinyl enthusiast Johary aka Brother In Crime talks plastic/vibes, giving us an insight into his mix channel by selecting his top five house tracks.

Hey Johary, can you explain to us what plastic/vibes is and your motivations behind the project?

plastic/vibes is a non-profit and 100% house oriented (in every shape and form) SoundCloud podcast channel, which showcases emerging and fast-rising DJs from all over the

world. It is not about featuring bigger DJs like Detroit Swindle or DJ Boring, but rather names like Sally C, Yu Su, and lesser known artists. We aim to promote those selectors mainly in the eyes of the French audience, but also with like-minded people around the globe.

The project is utterly driven by our lasting love for house music.

Where did the name 'plastic/vibes' come from?

It derives from the timeless classic disco track ‘Plastic Love’ by the Japanese singer Mariya

Takeuchi, but given that it was about a music-related project, I thought that plastic/vibes made

more sense. The word ‘plastic’ evokes to me lightness, durability and manoeuvrability; three

attributes that perfectly match house music.

What makes your mix series different to others?

There are two main qualities inherent to plastic/vibes. First, it completely focuses on house

music, you won’t find any other genres on the channel. Even if you might hear some disco, acid or world beats, the very heart of each mix will center around house music. Second, it targets a very peculiar niche of DJs - there are no well-established or bedroom DJs on the channel, but only emerging and fast-rising ones (although it is quite subjective).

What kind of talent are you pushing?

We are mainly selecting DJs whom we really enjoy and highly respect the skills and music

tastes (as producer and/or DJ). We do not take submissions as we target artists we generally

have been following for a while. For now, we are focusing on featuring international talents (we are very happy to have different nationalities until the end of the year), but as soon as

plastic/vibes finds it audience and gains momentum, we will try to promote ascending French

talents as well.

What are your plans for it?

As from 2020, we will step up a gear and publish two mixes per month, striving not to

compromise on quality of course. plastic/vibes is bound to remain a pure podcast player until at least mid-2020. I have many ideas in their infancies, but I can’t spoil them here, so stay tuned!

What are your top 5 house tracks?

It is really hard to be restricted to only 5 tracks, so we are giving ourselves a bonus one ahah.

They are not necessarily underground tracks, but we always have an indefinable feeling when

we hear one of them:

1. Omar S - The Shit Baby

This track is purely flawless from the opening heavy drums to the following five minutes of insanely good piano riff. It is melodic, mesmerizing and constantly evolving.

2. Fries & Bridges - Forever This (DJ Snake Forever Remix)

Hector Moralez & Phil Weeks sampled Jerry Butler's track brilliantly. The vocals are one of the most striking we know in house music. The track is as melancholic as powerful to us.

3. Jasper Street Company - Smile (Stefano Gamma Remix)

This is one of the only tracks that never leaves our USB and that we are pretty sure to play everytime. The soulful vibes fits any situation and there is no word to describe the feeling we get when we hear those vocals, even though the title speaks for itself.

4. Glenn Underground - House Music Will Never Die

If there is one track that defines house music and stands the test of time, this is the one. No need to say more, just give it a listen.

5. DJ Jus-Ed - Unbelievably Beautiful

This is deep house at its perfection; light and relaxing vocals, rhythmic and lively beats and a broken tempo that prevents monotony.

6. Hardsoul (feat. Ron Caroll) - Back Together

In five words: the quintessence of garage house. We cannot help dancing to those catchy and dreamy vocals.

To find out more check out plastic/vibes on SoundCloud here:


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