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In Conversation: Placid [We're Going Deep]

Founded in 2015, We’re Going Deep is on the cusp of hitting 15k members. Many groups are plagued with self-promo or random spam videos of PRANKS GONE WRONG and the likes. The We’re Going Deep (WGD) group though, has a very clear and strict set of rules, which at first, may seem a little strict or potentially pretentious to stumbling across the group. However, what this actually creates is a great space for people to truly dig deep and share great finds with other music heads.

The rules are basically summarised as follows:

1. No reposts – Check to see if the track has been posted before

2. No spam

3. Accompanying text with your post

4. Ask mods before self-promoting

It is rule number 3 for me that makes WGD such an interesting group. It encourages the poster to properly think about why they’re posting and opens up for discussion about the artist or tune reminiscing about times they first heard the track and to suggest similar releases for others to continue their digging journey.

WGD002 is the labels second VA release and is available now from selected online outlets. With limited red pressed vinyls to be released on their Bandcamp very soon.



Coldcuts Hotwax




Hi Paul, how are you doing?

Under the circumstances, I’m doing ok, thank you. I’m really missing going for a pint with my mates and the odd good night out.

What’s keeping you sane in lockdown?

Focusing on the label, the group and sharing the trials and tribulations of home-schooling with others.

From your Facebook I see you often enjoy reminiscing about parties gone by with friends. Do you have one that has resurfaced in your mind recently?

I think it was the third We're Going Deep party we had at the Basement, here in Bristol. We invited down Reedale Rise. It was a lovely days, we had beers by the river and then a brilliant party. Loads of friends, great vibes, great night.

WGD002 has just dropped in a few selected online stores. What inspired the release and how did you choose who featured on it? Are all the artists friends/members of the WGD community?

It came about just from buying music, sitting down and thinking, who’s music have I bought recently that I've been playing the most and would love to have on the label. I have met some amazing artists through the group so pretty munch every release will have a connection to the group. Friends recommendations, music posts, comments, anything really.

I met Jared when I had a gig in Detroit a few years back. Unfortunately the gig got raided but I had a great time hanging out with Jared that I didn't really care. We went to a Mike Huckaby gig which was amazing. Tom is someone who I've known for years but in my opinion has really found his own sound and I, for one, really like it. Elements of Detroit in there but also some of that golden 93/94 period techno. Paul (Cignol) has just been releasing tune after tune after tune for a few years now. The fusion of lush chords, lovely bass lines and the velvety acid lines meant I had to ask him for a track. First heard Robbie (Armec) on a Nebulae release and loved the sound. Quite often he adds a touch of 303 to his electro but on this occasion, I went for the Celestial Mechanics track which didn't have any. There’s something about it though, almost a wall of sound. I will always have one 303 track on a WGD EP. Jared does the business on 002 with a bit of back up from Cignol.

What have you learnt from the first WDG release that helped with WGD002?

It's still a bit too early to tell to be honest. It's a massive learning curve, but I'm learning about PR, promotion, admin and accounts. I was a bit worried about numbers being sold but I think were going to be ok.

How did the tracks on WGD002 come about? Who helped make the WGD label happen that you’d like to shout out?

I literally contacted the guys involved and they all came back with absolutely amazing tracks. Very enthusiastic and happy to be part of it. Couldn’t ask for more really.

The use of the ambigram of ‘deep’ makes the logo so easy on the eye, was it a happy accident?

Absolutely not. I remembered a post in the group from a few years ago asking for any ideas for logos. I seem to remember a logo which I thought would have looked great as a slip mat and thought obviously it would make a good label. Did a quick search in the group and found the hand drawn image by Malcolm McAtee. I sent him a message asking if he can do a ‘proper’ version and it just went from there. Really happy with the ambigram as well as the deep sea theme.

First Hand-Drawn Logo Idea by Malcolm McAtee 2018

Final design

The WGD group centers heavily on ‘Digging’, where do you normally start when you go looking for gold?

Unfortunately, it's been online recently. There’s a few places to dig in Bristol but they’ve been shut for a while now. Idle Hands has always come up trumps though.

Digging records today has become a lot easier than years gone by with sites such as Discogs. Often digging was a lot more physical and relied upon judging by the label and/or artwork a lot more. What is one record you bought purely for the artwork? (a pic of it too if possible).

I picked up all my releases in basements of record and Tape. I loved the artwork and once id heard one 12, needed more. Listen here:

If you had to pick one post from the WGD group as your favourite, which post would it be and why? are there any others that stand out for various reasons?

From my own posts, it was probably about Global Communication LP 76:14. It just so happens a Mark and Tom were planning a repress of their early work. It all tied in very nicely.

For pure tunes, or DJ related, it has to be one of the posts by Jane Eff...

Or by Murf...

Could you share the last mix you listened to?

I’m sure it takes a lot of time to keep the group healthy, preventing bots and spammers and moderating content. How long do you think it takes up per week? Who helps you with this that you’d like to big up?

Martijn Van Der Voort is probably my most active moderator in the past year or so, but there is a team of about 10 that can and have modded over the years. Couldn’t do it without their help especially as there is a crazy mount of bots trying to access it these days.

Could you share 3 or so upcoming releases the readers should be excited about?

NuRon Fugue - Likemind 06 - I dont want to dwell on the past too much but these tracks are absolutely essential

MOY - Orbital Resonance EP

CH415 - Journeys from the Third Floor [Furthur Electronix]

A few quick-fire questions...

What’s your guilty pleasure tune for when no one is around?

Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers - Islands in the stream

What 3 artists do you think should be getting more attention?

Gilbert, Al Bradley and James Baker

Favourite podcast/book/TV show you’re into recently?

It’s a Sin.


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