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In Conversation: Native Cruise

Hailing from Stoke, Native Cruise's sound is decisively more exotic with a laid back style utilising balearic influences, dreamy snyths and pad driven percussion. After debuting on YAM's 'YOUANDMUSIC Vol 2.' compilation only last year, Native Cruise has since gone on to release an EP on Hidden Sphere's Fruit Merchant, was the launch of the No Bad Days tape series and has two forthcoming releases to look forward to. To learn more Rachael chatted to Mitch Green about synths, new EP's and his involvement in a New Balance advert:

Hey Mitch, great to chat with you! Can you tell us how you got into producing music, are there any particular influences? Any stories behind your production name ’Native Cruise’?

I've always had a keen interest in music, I'm not musically trained but I've always listened to the fine details in songs and picked them apart in my head. Not sure on the particular influences that inspire me, I generally take inspiration from a variety of different sounds. I think the name Native Cruise kind of represents my sound and hopefully what I intend to portray in my music.

Balearic plays a part in my production but I try not to make this the main influence, I try to incorporate different sounds while maintaining that laid back style which is truly what I'm in to.

As a relatively recent arrival on the scene, you’ve already achieved some really cool stuff - featuring on YAM’s compilation, releasing an EP on Fruit Merchant, and been the launch for the No Bad Days tape series. How did these opportunities arise?

Release wise I have to thank Hollick - No Bad Days label owner and Church affiliate - for the support from the beginning, the YAM release was compiled by him which then led to to the Fruit Merchant EP, the album on No Bad Tapes we worked on for over a year until we were both happy with the outcome.

Can you tell use about your involvement in a New Balance Advert?

Again the COPSON x New Balance project was organised by Jake (Hollick) so shout out to him for that! Was a really cool project to work on, nothing I have ever done before, I was given a set of images from the film from which I had to create the soundtrack from, very long process but a huge learning curve!

Tell me a bit about your 'Sky Rider EP’ which is dropping on June 7th on Byrd Out. We’d love to know the processes you go through when making a track? We also saw it's on cassette, why do you think this medium is important?

I usually begin with a melody and build around that as the melody is the main part of a track it helps me when I focus all other elements around it.I record with a D50, DX7, JV1080 and CZ3000, but also use a lot of plugins from the korg and arturia collection which sound just at good as the real things. I think it's important to consider all formats but I think there's something pleasing about tapes.

Tell me about what you are working on at the moment? And what can we expect from you in the future?

I have an EP coming out early summer on Paesaggi which I'm looking forward to and something else later this year which I would really like to share about!

Top recommendations of people you’re listening to at the moment?

My favourite EP's this year are Yu Su's on Second Circle, People Plus on Mood Hut, Good Block and Lucas Croon on TFGC.


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