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Halcyon Wax's Merch Round Up #2

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Flat Earth Disco's Jamie Ahmed follows up our roundup pre-Christmas with another shortlist of tasty music-related merch just before payday. He's compiled a list of a few things that caught his eye on social media recently from clothing to jigsaws. Find his top picks below.

Roy of the Ravers Scarf - Acid Waxa

First up for those sick of the cold spell we’ve been having, Acid Waxa have the perfect solution in the form of a ‘Roy of The Ravers’ scarf. Whether you’ve cried at their emotional banger ‘Emotinium’ or not, you might just be a fan of retro-style merch. Also available in Green/Black and Red/Yellow and available on the Acid Waxa Bandcamp page.

Roy of the Ravers Facemask - Acid Waxa

Another from the Acid Waxa collection. I guess you could go double-Roy and get that matching scarf / facemask combo. I’ve not seen too many rave-related facemasks out there yet but surely something that’ll become more common in 2021. Designs also available in Black/Yellow and with the label logo instead of Roy’s ever-happy face. Check it HERE.

House Beanies - Toy Tonics

Another one for all the cold kids out there. Toy Tonics have been fairly consistent with their merch drops, releasing caps, totes and tees over the last few months. Design is no nonsense but I’ve always been a fan of their logo. The caps and hats seem to sell out pretty quick but looks like there’s a few colours still to choose from if you wanna rep the Berlin, house label on your wintery walks. You can cop them HERE via their Bandcamp.

Disco Related TEES - Flat Earth Disco

For the disco fans out there, these designs from Ben Moulson and Flat Earth Disco are on sale on Everpress until 2nd March. Garment options are organic and sustainable with light fabric and relaxed, heavy fitting options available. You have to love the cute little disco ball characters.

Roll Top Record Bag - Dr Banana

It wouldn’t be a proper music merch roundup without mentioning something on the Dr Banana site. This roll-top record bag caught my eye. With capacity for 30 discs, could be a robust and useful option for the vinyl DJ or a bag for everyday use (or 1000 USBs) for anyone else. Exact capacity of USB sticks unconfirmed.

Skateboard - Axe On Wax

Fancy a new hobby whilst we stuck in this seemingly eternal lockdown? (or if you're already a skater, jazzing up your look). Axe on Wax have the most beautiful custom skateboards, each unique in design. This ones a sunny Florida inspired board made of Canadian Maple. Find it here.

Prints and Tees - Badly Drawn DJs

I found this account on Insta and its always been a good source of entertainment. You can get your fav selectors “likenesses” as a print or on a tee. Custom jobs available and the DJ EZ merch has profits going towards MIND charity. Find more HERE.

Badges / Pins - Attack Magazine

Attack Mag have also been putting out some cool, subtle merch with music-pun embroidered tees and these little synth pins. A perfect addition to any outfit or record bag.

Long Sleeve T Shirt - Feelings x Handy Supply Co

James Lacey of Handy Supply Co and London based label Feelings teamed up to create this wonderful tee, with only a few of the limited edition remaining. A good choice for both winter and summer, with long sleeves you can layer up. Find it via their Feeling's Bandcamp.

Puzzle - DJs You Can Eat

To round off our round up we’ve got this one from DJs you can eat. If you’ve not seen the Insta account then it’s worth a follow. For those who don’t know, it’s DJ/food puns where they’ve stuck the artist’s features on the food mentioned. Simple, satisfying content. Here they’ve put all the best ones on a jigsaw. While we might be close to the end of lockdown, we still could be facing a bit longer looking for entertainment in our own homes. Worth a look, even just for the puns. Find it via Attack Magazine.


London-based Jamie Ahmed DJs under the name Jahmed and heads up Flat Earth Disco, a music sharing brand with a regular show on Vandelay (Fridays just before Halcyon). Jamie is on chief writing duties for Scottish label, ‘Milkit Sounds’ making his first contribution here as a part of the wider Halcyon team.


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