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Halcyon Wax's Merch Round Up

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Christmas is just round the corner and I've been seeing a lot of cool merch from record labels, radio stations and independent shops that have caught my eye. A great way to support those smaller businesses and also buy some great little Christmas pressies at the same time (or just treat yourselves).

Record Label Logo Archive Vol.2 - Klasse Wrecks

Luca Lozano put together another selection of obscure electronic music record label logos from his personal collection and from his travels for Klasse Wrecks. It's also wonderfully bizarre that it's printed on Bible Paper, feeding into the idea that music is in fact a religion (yes Faithless, God really is a DJ)

This one is available on Klasse Wrecks Bandcamp which you can find here.

Extended Play Record Bag - Wayward Studio

Every vinyl DJ needs a good record bag and not only does this fit 35 records but it also looks sick. Features include large military style flap pockets that button down at the front, which you could keep your USB's in if your playing digi as well, and a bag designed with protecting your records in mind. You can find it on Wayward Studio's website along with a collection of other great bags.

Postcards and Prints - Melodic Distraction Kickstarter

With only 7 days left to go on their kickstarter Melodic Distraction are offering a variety of merch donated by local artists and DJs to go along with your pledges. The independent radio station were sadly asked to move out of their home at Jamaica Street, Liverpool after their landlord decided to redevelop the land and are asking for donations to create a new space and social area out of Shipping Containers (which I have seen done on Grand Designs and it looked incredible)

For this one you can get some great gifts and support their reopening, it's a win, win situation. I've picked out a picture of the postcards and Neil Keating prints as they are my favourite but you can follow the link here to find out what else is on offer.

Inflorescence T-Shirt Blue - Butter Sessions

The Australian label Butter Sessions always have wonderfully designed merch and this one is tee designed by Molly Dyson is no exception. 10% of all digital sales are also always being donated to various different charities with Rise Refugee being their current choice. Find it on their Bandcamp here.

DRB08 Slip Matts - Dr Banana

Limited run of slip matts from Dr Banana which just ooze character and will spice up any DJ set up, you can find them here.

TSR x H&S Recordings Long Sleeve Tee

Stay cosey this winter with Heels and Souls long sleeve tee. Sustainably produced and a limited run, orders for these finish today so get it quickly here if you want to cop one.


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