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Dam Swindle Set to Launch Two New Labels

Known for their formidable label Heist recordings which focuses on the more soulful and deeper edges of house music, Dam Swindle are set to launch two new labels which explore different avenues in the electronic spectrum; Transient Nature and 10questions.

Transient Nature Records is set up as a platform dedicated to the world of machine funk with the likes of Detroit's Scan7, Black Cadmium and Maarten's solo project Wanderist already set to release across 2021. Dukwa will be opening up proceedings for the label on April 22nd.

10Questions is a project co-founded with graphic designer Bas Koopmans, focused on italo & proto-inspired house music with a pinch of electro. The music and artwork together construct the total experience of the EP; the record comes to life in the space where music and design meet. Heading up the release schedule on 10Questions is Demi Riquisimo on 26th of March who will be followed by PBR Streetgang, Lorenz Rhode and Sound Support - a new moniker of Lorenz Rhode and Dam Swindle's Lars. It will be available on both vinyl and digital.


You can find the new labels via the socials below:


Insta: @10questionslabel



Transient Nature

Insta: @transient.nature



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