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Top Releases of March 2020

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

It's the end of the month. We are in the second week of lock down and everything's looking pretty dreary. The weather has turned grey and miserable, toilet roll is still unavailable and even Bo Jo has managed to contract corona.

And yet, this monotony is leading to sparks of creativity from across the music industry. Roo has rounded up her favourite releases of the month to demonstrate just that (with a couple of upcoming releases to be watching out for). Always be thankful that we still have music, you certainly have plenty of time to listen to it at the moment.

AND don't forget to support any of the artists you like below (and that you like anyway), buying releases has never been so important.

Ratgrave - Rock [Black Focus Records]

With continuous support of their debut album on Apron Records - particularly 'Ein Kola Bitte!' which featured on Kamaal William's AKA Henry Wu's DJ Kicks - it was only a matter of time before Max Graef and Julius Conrad landed on William's Black Focus Records. Raw, retro and absolutely dripping in funk these tracks call on influences from all over the spectrum including rock, jazz, psychedelia and old school video games.

Various Artists - Systems EP 1 [Kalahari Oyster Cult]

A repress from 1995, this EP is unified by an underlying dystopian like quality (fitting well with our current crisis). Get ready to be beamed into an alien dimension with plenty of squelching acid, dreamy synths and otherworldly effects.

The Colours That Rise - Deep Space [Rhythm Section International]

London based duo The Colours That Rise released their second single from their debut album 'Grey Doubt' which drops in May this year. A simply delicious groove with cosmic atmospherics and crunchy claps "inspired by the theory that there are black people living on Mars".

Cody Currie and Joel Holmes - Metropolis [Toy Tonics]

Cody Currie and Joel Holmes partnered up again for their second EP on Toy Tonics, ooozing soul and jazz. The release has the ability to make you feel relaxed and chilled even during lockdown. Shitz still cool with Cody and Joel.

Mr Scruff - DJ Kicks [!K7 Music]

Top selector and producer Mr Scruff put together his DJ Kicks this month injected with a lot of uplifting and happy vibes (something we all need at the moment). Lots of Latin and disco numbers amongst some gritty electronica, showing off his eclectic style.

1985 - Hidden Spheres [Scissor & Thread]

Broken beat and jazz sit at the epicentre of Hidden Spheres first release of the year, whilst 'King Tutt' and 'Soon We'll' book end the release with ambient, calming melodies.

Agony - Raua 12 EP [Molar]

Another unearthing of hidden gems in the form of a repress of Estonian(!) house originating from the 90's. Chicago inspired bouncy basses and ravey synths.

Various Artists - Untitled/Untold [Be Told Lies]

March marked the first release for new label Be Told Lies and they are off to a banging start with spacey vibes from Urulu, Adam Pits, Yushh and Anderson.


And here are some exclusive forthcoming jams that you'd be silly to miss (or so I think anyway):

Seb Wildblood - Hazy House EP (All My Thoughts)

Back doing what he does best the snippets of 'Hazy House EP' capture Wildblood's signature hazy melodies. You can find previews here:

Gary Gritness - Rollin' Zebras [Casa Voyager]

VERY funky, cyber-electro vibes and I could actually imagine some zebra's grooving out to this when I listened. A definite pre-order.

Manuel Darquart - The Adriatic EP [Infinite Pleasure]

Manuel Darquart is back with Balearic infused, dancefloor melodies in May which just scream out hedonistic pleasure.

And that's all! Join us next time to see what releases catch our eye next month.


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