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Best of Bandcamp Friday 06/11/2020

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

It's that time again and it almost feels as if we've come back round full circle as this Bandcamp Friday sees us hitting lockdown for round two. Thankfully we still have some great releases to get our claws into, with lots of super cool debuts, so let's get straight to it.

VA001 - Various Artists (Colour Club Records)

Starting things off with an amazingly versatile collection of tracks is Colour Club Records debut release. I was a big fan of their mix series before this (especially Midnight Tenderness' live recording) and was super excited to hear that they were launching a label. Their debut does not disappoint with everything from experimental jazz, electro, soul and club ready tracks, with all contributions exclusively (and rather touchingly) coming from artists that have played their nights.

SLRVA004 - Various Artists (Start Local Records)

I was hoping Start Local Records would have their new release up on Bandcamp from Hatt.D who put us together a wonderful mix for us last year (definitely one to look out for the previews sound amazing) but their last various artist releases is equally as brilliant with tracks from Mark Brauner, Hatt. D, Larry Houl and DJ Natural Wine.

Mystique - Redemption (Skiptrace)

Dreamy electro vibes from the gal who is taking Manchester by storm with a string of releases across lockdown. The label co-founder and workshop coordinator for Shifting Spheres forms Skiptrace's first release and it's a beauty.

Delfonic & Kapote - Illegal Jazz Vol. 2 (Toy Tonics)

Reworks of 70s funk, jazz & latin for today's dancefloors, you literally can't sit still listening to these infectious grooves.

Aheloy! - Theory 002 (Club In Theory)

Number 2 on Club In Theory comes from Poland's Aheloy! Following a great debut release from A.M.S & Dog World! (is it me or do all the artists on this label like explanation marks), this one if full of floaty atmospherics and squelching acid lines.

VA - Space Invaders (Blaq Numbers)

I reviewed this wonderful compilation the other week but now it's out it deserves a second mention as it's just so great. 'Space Invaders' is a journey through intergalactic palettes that taps into the veins of hip hop, house, breakbeat, downtempo, Balearic, jazz and funk with the German label inviting back of bunch of label regulars including Larry Houl, Explorer Of The Humankind and Marco Lazovic, alongside some new faces. One for the space freaks.

Panama (incl. Contours Remix) - Twovi (Omena)

I mean wow, a stunning EP jam packed with jazz influences and touches of latin and afro felt in the broken rhythms.

Aqua Forms EP - Harry Oscillate (Self Released)

One of the first contributors to our Halcyon Mix series, we have been following Harry Oscillate ever since. An impressive debut with a trance infused melody, luscious pads and rolling bongo patterns.

Playlist to Paradise - Jay Sound

Deep, Balearic, Detroit, 80's, 90's ... what more could you want? I'm a big big fan of the music that Jay Sound puts out, it truly is special, spiritual and made from the heart. This ones a pre-order and I'm eagerly waiting to hear the rest of the album when it drops in December.

Pleasure, Now & Forever - Buddy Love (Coastal Haze)

Buddy Love's fourth release on Seb Wildblood's Coastal Haze. Laid back, cloudy vibes.

Field of View EP - Solar Suite

We were stoked to premiere 'Sad Machine' from Echocentric's first edition of a three part vinyl series dedicated to showcasing undiscovered Australian talent. Solar Suite's EP perfectly embodies the new Australian sound, drawing on elements of trance, electro and breakbeat.

Heuristique II - Various Arists (909 Connection)

Another premiere on our channel, this time in the form of Naconda's 'How U Feel'. This marked the French labels second release & the rest of the compilation is also definitely worth checking out with a versatile mix of palettes.

A New Wave EP - Remi Wanless & Local Suicide (Midnight People)

Finishing things up with dark disco & italo vibes from London based label Midnight People. This one threw me straight into the depths of a boss level in a retro video game.

Andddd that's a wrap for this month. Check out Roo's selections on the next Bandcamp Friday for more.


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