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Best of Bandcamp Friday 04/12/2020

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Seeing as this may well be the last Bandcamp (ever?!?!) Oli has put a small selection of releases that he thinks deserve your attention.

Iota - Aeiro

Salomo - RM12010 [R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings]

I don't think I'll ever not like a RAND release!

Overmono - Everything U Need

Coco Bryce - Dark Dub [Myor]

An oldie but a goldie I rediscovered when going back through Coco Bryce's Discography. Everything from Dark Dub to Jungle and Electro on this release.

Vladimir Gnatenko - Die Nag EP [Animals On Psychedelics]

Irie Nation - 5​.​1398° N, 3​.​3238° W [Jigit]

Previews aren't on Bandcamp so here's Soundcloud previews and the Bandcamp address underneath as it's a pain to search. Still a few copies left!


Shadow Acid - The Shadow Acid Files Ep [Exalt]

I try to not pick releases we've already promoted here on HalcyonWax, but I've been absolutely obsessed with this release since hearing the promos. Being fortunate enough to premiere my favourite track Brainforest on our channel! Recs have sold out on the bandcamp but still left at the big record stores.

Adam Pits - Element X [Haŵs]

It's not out just yet, but boy you know it's going to be good. I'll put the Soundcloud premieres in for ya.

Neil Landstrumm - Chincy EP

3 heavyweight tunes that would do some damage on a big system.

Bambounou - 033

Dancefloor heaterrrrrrrrr

Simon Moncler - Data Streams EP [OCP]

Xyla - Ways

Stumbled across this when compiling this list and woah what a release!

Islandman - Kaybola

Weith - Earworm [Touched Music]

Phalanx Pt​.​3 V/A [Typeless]

Been around a while now but still bangs. Pt4 is also out now.

Kasper Marott - Sol [Seilscheibenpfeiler]


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