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Best of Bandcamp (03/07/2020)

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

It's Bandcamp Friday again! Fees are wavered, with all proceeds going directly to the artists. Roo's rounded up some of the releases that have recently caught her eye, so go go go and support.

The Power Tapes - Marc Mac

4Hero's Marc Mac collates a series of mix tapes with a backdrop of hip hop beats and grooves, all capturing significant Black historical movements and events. Created as an history book on wax with the aim to unearth a suppressed black history, the tapes were originally intended to be passed on to his kids. Today, all six of the mix tapes will be available for free or pay what you want. A definite recommendation.

RFX - Extinct Melodies From The Schnitzel Planet (Fauve Records)

Delicious intergalactic melodies direct from The Schnitzel Planet.

Optiflexing - Hugh B

Experimental jungle infused soundscapes with all proceeds going towards the Aboriginal Legal Service.

1989 (feat. Miguel Atwood​-​Ferguson) - Kamaal Williams

One of the singles from the upcoming Wu Hen, Kamaal Williams is back doing what he does best with twinkling keys, a sultry bass and mystical strings.

Kush Jones - FT055 (Future Times)

Kush's first release on wax is full of warm chords and magical synths lines which strike right at your core.

K15 / Culross Cross - Elemental / Intrinsic Value

Two gorgeous creations, drenched in the delicate jazz infused melodies and broken percussion that has become a staple of Kieron Ifill's sound. I

Sun Runners - The Finest (Apron Records)

An infectious edit which has been repressed especially for Bandcamp day.

Explorer Of The Humankind - Where Did Y'all Go? (Blaq Numbers)

Chunky, intergalactic funk and smooth vocals which are to be remixed by two of my personal favourites; Larry Houl and Byron The Aquarius.

Sound of Vast Summer Series (Sound of Vast)

A mix bag of treats from the Berlin label including some previously unreleased, Bandcamp exclusives from Shinichiro Yokota and an unknown artist. This one's only available till the end of August so don't hang about.

Aiden Francis - Connection/Departure (Jerk It MCR)

Aiden Francis returns after 3 years with a killer EP on Manchester's finest.

Nautiloidea - Gerd (Frame of Mind)

Frame of Mind spoiling us with some more big represses. This one is the form of a classic Gerd 12 inch, originally released on Pork Recordings imprint in the 90s.

‘義理’ EP - Mr. Ho + Mogwaa (Klasse Wrecks)

Electro funk, crisp pads, rich bass grooves and grumbling acid as label co founder Mr. Ho links up virtually with South Korean producer Mogwaa.

Endless Grooves - Snu (Motoring)

Coventry based label Motoring offering up some smooth, techy grooves.

Nightwork EP - Ben Hauke Feat. Joe Armon-Jones (YAM Records)

Already copped myself this one on vinyl, I personally think one of the best (if not the best) releases of the year with absolutely gorgeous keys.

Taken Away - Moodymann

Laid back, mellow and soulful beats from Detroit's Moodymann.

Palimpsest - Hiatt dB (Rhythm Section)

Rhythm Sections first American artist, Hiatt dB draws on influences from the Mediterranean to West Africa, Brazil through to the Caribbean. The tracks on this EP are widely diverse in themselves with lots of lovely surprises infiltrated into them.


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