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Bandcamp Friday Roundup 05/03/2021

Bandcamp friday has come back around, and this time Pablo has put together a Bandcamp special which you can listen into at 7pm on Vandelay radio. Euphoric breakbeats, bassy electro and some juicy acid, find his selections below:

Vitess - Choses Etranges [Novaj 新し Records]

Starting off with Choses Etranges by Vitess on their Aqua Boulevard EP, a slow but steadily increasing mirage of nostalgia and 303 licks building to a most rewarding climax.

Lou Karsh - Opaque Acid

Bringing underrated electro from down under, Lou Karsh a.k.a Reptant's Opaque Acid on his Phantom Structures album is a testament to how a mere 303, stuttery lead vocal and intricate breakbeat can turn just about anyone to the dark side.

Eli Sab - White Walls [Carac Records]

The first of two selections from this collaborative album by Carac Records; White Walls by Eli Sab is a face-melting concoction of acid, euphoric tones and a hard hitting beat. The entire Never Alone album is available to download for free from Bandcamp although we recommend supporting the artists as much as you can!

Sound Synthesis - Floating Away [Eudemonia]

The first of two selections from Sound Synthesis in 2020 who had an impressive year for releases. Floating away is a masterclass in euphoric electro with an extremely satisfying breakbeat, make sure to check out the rest of his Analog Soul album for some more sultry sounds.

Itinerant Dubs - Three Four

Potentially the most satisfying Itinerant Dubs album, Human Emulation delivers a raw UK bass sound with Three Four ending it on what can only be described as 808 heaven. No tricks, cheap thrills or passing tastes with this one.

ESBA - Egon [Bardouin Music]

The young and French ESBA has been making waves in the acid house and IDM scene. Egon is a seamless mashup of the two, get ready for some mouth-watering acid house with a splash of IDM to spice it up.

Current Obsession - Drop Down [Butter Sessions]

The first and currently only release by the Australian producer Current Obsession. His XXX album provides three intriguing original sounds as well as a bonus remix from Reptant which we can definitely recommend! Drop Down offers a punchy melodic riff, making it one for the dance floor.

Chlär - A deep breathe [Carac Records]

The second selection from this collaborative album by Carac Records, Chlär delivers with this glorious, trip-inducing 4x4 banger, one to watch!

Slowglide - Deep Learning (Linear Mix) [La Forge]

La Forge's first release, Crysta Ampullaris Vol. 1 brings us some experimental sounds in tight and eclectic packages. Slowglide's offering, Deep Learning (Linear Mix) very much hit that nail on the head, make sure to also check out Shonen Bat - Tactical Rave Riddim on the same volume for a breakier flavour.

Arctor - Plastic Reality [Tremors]

The phenomenal Arctor smashes it again with this 2020 release. Hold on to your seats, this one will make your world spin on its W axis as you drift further into plastic reality. Played by the likes of Tresor resident CEM in his recent b2b with MCMLXXXV for Hör Berlin, plastic reality is a techno triumph.

Animistic Beliefs - Ojo De Las Grayas [brokntoys]

This Rotterdam-based duo repurpose forms from techno and electro to create exhilarating hybrids, and Ojo De Las Grayas is a perfect example of this. A moody electronic riff complimented by acid licks sets the stage for a euphoric yet hard-hitting track.

Sound Synthesis - Lost in Orbit [Gated]

Another 2020 marvel from Sound Synthesis, this time from his Versus collaborative album with Datawave. Lost in Orbit is everything one could want from a euphoric electro-acid sound, one not to miss out on for all fellow electro acid heads out there.

Perko - Connection

One of Perko's most impressive 2020 releases, Connection is the kind of tune that makes you consider adding a sound system to your garage just in case you never get to hear this song on a hefty system. Its a song worthy of comments like "I almost fell off my chair! what a beast"

Connection? Yes please!

Hermeth - Pinapple Pizza [Brainwaves]

Pineapple Pizza is one of those marmite kind of things, either loved or despised, although let's be real what is there to hate here? Strong drums, foot-stomping acid and pure carnage. Its' unapologetically fast paced.

DJ Frankie - Shake It [Source Material]

Coming in at the tail end of 2020 to show us how it's done, Source Material's SM005 // Various Artists Vol​.​1 gets two selections in this mix. The first, Shake it by DJ Frankie is a masterclass in electro-acid, with an emphasis on the acid, whilst a subtle vocal sample adds another delicious layer.

Luz1e - Electro Funq [HABIBI BASS]

The talented Luz1e hits us again with this release on Bounce Operators Vol. 1 for HABIBI BASS. A clean and fulfilling breakbeat paired with a wobbly synth lead, Electro Funq is exactly what the dance floor doctor ordered.

Shawn Cartier - Buoy

Presenting the very first heavy hitting EP coming from VA on Mind Controlled Rectifier, Shawn Cartier's Buoy boasts subterranean bass with faced paced acid to send you riding the electronic wave. Yeah Buoy!!

Luz1e - Dynamix [Source Material]

Making a second appearance in the mix, Luz1e's Dynamix's ups the pace with a heavy slice of euphoric acid. Luz1e effortlessly weaves experimental electronic riffs alongside crisp hi-hats for an explosive six minute masterpiece.

Eli Sab - Myosis [LBR Records]

The pleasure of closing the mix falls on Eli Sab with their track Myosis. A daring mashup of robust breaks, sirens and trancey melodies which hit in all the right ways. Meticulously mysterious and deliciously dubby, a snugly fitting end to the selections.


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