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Bandcamp Friday 2/10/2020

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

What's in my basket today?

This one's a very quick roundup so apologies about the lack of descriptions but as they say, let the music talk for itself & support your fav artists on Bandcamp day (I didn't set out to make that rhyme).

So in no particular order...

ELEGAL2 - Lemmon Grass aka Scott Featherstone (Klasse Wrecks)

Re-release of 90s gold and unreleased demos from Scott Featherstone.

Sorta Rican - Ruf Dug (Porn Wax)

Previously a vinyl only release this is really just great vibes which whisked me away from local lockdown in dismal, grey wales to a blissful and sunny poolside (for 4 minutes and 36 seconds anyway)

Spheres of Sound: In Support of Roshni and UKBP (Shifting Spheres)

Yes, I'm a little bit bias about this one, being co-founder of the label and all, but this one deserves to be pushed with lots of undiscovered womxn and non binary talent.

Explorer Of The Humankind - Echopolis EP (Deviant Episode)

After discovering the Paris based label earlier today, both of their releases were straight in my basket, with warm, deep and jazzy vibes.

Full Pupp Splits 004 - Hamar​-​O​-​Ramah! - Melkeveien, Sprutbass, Prins Thomas (Full Pulp)

Cosmic and sultry goodness dripping in funky flavours.

Quarantena - Tenderlonious (22a)

An absolutely wonderful and uplifting collection of songs marked by Tenderlonious' gorgeous flute melodies.

Ambrosia - Byron The Aquarius (Axis Records)

This one is a pre-order but if the preview track is anything to go off then I'm very excited for this to drop, especially as it's under the supervision of Jeff Mills.

LP2 - Earth Trax (Shall Not Fade)

LP2 follows up Earth Trax debut album with rich, dreamy and atmospheric sound palettes.

Digi Modes - Midnight Tenderness (Butter Sessions)

Finishing things up in my Bandcamp day selection is the Australian producer Midnight Tenderness, I cannot get enough of his silky and jazzy-alien infused synths.


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