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Bandcamp Friday 05/02/2021

The lockdown continues and accordingly Bandcamp Friday is back to sprinkle a little bit of happiness into our lives. This time around we've asked our Halcyon contributors to select their favourite Bandcamp buys and we've ended up with a fantastic mesh of genres from across the electronic scene.

Identity - Olson

This free dl went up a few weeks ago from a buddy and it’s a monster - moody + sharp garage sounds - Louis Cann

Mellowday - Amy Dabbs [Lobster Theremin]

This is what house music is all about, seriously deeeep rooted rhodes, soulful undertones and shimmering synths - Roo

Full Circle - Kasper Marott [Axces Recordings]

Debut album from one of my favourite producers around! - Oli

Follow The Melody - A Vision of Panorama [Omena]

A sleek, laid back jam carrying some serious funk & deepness - Roo

The Garysville EP - Dowd

Just come across this, love the techy, spooky vibes this artist gives to his music! - Harry Gibbons

Mind Palace EP- Lisene [Salt Mines]

Salt Mines are back in 2021 as Lisene provides futurist, reverberating acid tinged melodies, chunky breakbeat & electro to conjure up his Mind Palace - Roo

Florion Heights - Bolam [Space Dust]

Big bassy Bolam goes a lil lighter with beaut spacey synths and bouncy drums - Oli

Bandcamp link here:

Squarewave Shurikens - Viewtiful Joe [Casa Voyager]

Came out recently, pretty phatttt - Lew

From Ere Til Eternity - Mosca [Rent]

Weighty leftfield steppa - Theo Roe

Remixes In Blue - Hodge

Hodge's impressive and diverse debut album, “Shadow's in Blue” receives the remix treatment from some of the electronic scene’s heavyweights. “Lanacut” gets a total transformation thanks to a sprinkle of the typical Shanti Celeste flair we know and love with bouncy basslines in a whirling ambience, all driven by tight and pacey four to the floor. AYA turns “Ghost of Akina” into a 5-minute trip of floating atmosphere accompanied by a hard, heavy and squelching low end - Alex Evans

A Butterfly In-Between Time - jamesjamesjames

This is from a couple months back but just picked up on it - lovely little piano number - Theo Roe

She's Calling EP - Octo Octa

Easily balances on the line of dancefloor and easy listening - Oli

Panic in Detroit EP - Gari Romalis [Just Jack Recordings]

Lovely, deep, detroit flavours - Roo

Beast In My Bass EP - Sweely [Automatic Writing]

You might as well pre order this badboi. Signature Sweely bbyyy - Oli

Bandcamp link here:

Teletext EP - Tim Reaper [Lobster Theremin]

I'm sure this is exactly how teletext would want to be remembered - Oli

Fast Track To Bliss - Tom VR [InterGraded]

This new EP by Tom VR on midlands graded label is the perfect follow up from his acheless EP. Fast & Euphoric slow burners which all develop into high energy curations - Lew


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